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Principles of Drug TherapyDosingand Prescribing in Chronic Kidney Disease and Renal Replacement Therapy.

Chemically modified tetracyclines are under development to reduce antibiotic activity and to increase their non-antibioticantiinflammatory effect.

Inflammatory disorders take several weeks or months to respond to tetracyclines such as doxycyclineThey are often prescribed for months or years for inflammatory skin disordersThey are not curative for these conditions.

FDA pregnancy category DThis medication can cause harm to an unborn babyincluding permanent discoloration of the teeth later in lifeDo not use tetracycline without your doctor’s consent if you are pregnantTell your doctor if you become pregnant during treatmentTetracycline can make birth control pills less effectiveUse a non-hormonal method of birth controlsuch as a condomdiaphragmspermicideto prevent pregnancy while you are taking tetracycline.

Tetracyclines are in pregnancy category Dthere is evidence of human riskbut clinical benefits may outweigh riskTetracyclines cross the placentaenter fetal circulationaccumulate in fetal bonesandif used during the 2nd or 3rd trimestermay cause permanent discoloration of teeth.

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reduction of mortality due to air sacculitis air sac infection caused by escherichia coli susceptible to oxytetracycline.