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One who offers a tulasi manjari to lord krsna gets the benefit of offering all other varieties of flowers, and he goes to the abode of krsna.

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She wears blue garments and is decorated with pearls and flowersHer right hand is raised in blessing the devoteesand on her left hand she holds her yellow parrotDakshawho has thousands of parrot disciples of various colorsredgreenyellowbluewhiteThe parrots serve Vrinda Devi by carrying messages to various parts of Vrindavana.

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(3samasta-vaikuntha-shiromanau shrikrishnasya vrindavana-dhanyadhamni dattadhikare vrishabhanu-putrya vrinde namas te caranaravindam.

Srila Prabhupada taught us never to think of Tulasi as an ordinary plantShe is a great devotee standing before us in the form of a small treeShe appears as a delicate tree in this world to serve the Lord and uplift human society.

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saying, so be it, krsna s beloved tulasi disappeared.