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These comments are amazing due to night time anxiety then major anxiety attacks have been on paxil paroxetine 20mg then 10mg for 22 yrs went off cold turkey 17 yrs ago of paxil.

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I found paxil to be pretty effective in treating my ocd, but after a few years my body became resistant to it, so my psychiatrist switched me to luvox.

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Having to keep taking paxil makes o brien angry because she feels at the mercy of glaxosmithkline, the company that makes it.

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It is actually a category of medication known as ssris, order sildenafil, order lioresal. a category which includes paxil, zoloft and celexa.

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Paxil is indicated for the treatment of panic disorder, with or without agoraphobia, as defined in dsm iv.

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check with your pharmacist and physician before taking any other medicines or herbs in combination with paxil.