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I am suprised that aspirin is still ahead of the game, that is what we used 20yrs ago.

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Unotunatly, unlik aspiin, ths gastopotctiv dugs cost a bit mthan a coupl cnts a day. “I th w naddd cost ttaking a PPI with a daily aspiin, vy aspiin us could bnit om an addd lvl GI potction,” says ndick. “But givn th cunt cost ths agnts, I only cuntly commnd gastopotctiv thapy tthos aspiin uss wha at incasd isk GI complications.”

Aspiin is alsavailabl in combination with oth mdications such as antacids, pain livs, and cough and cold mdications. This monogaph only includs inomation about th us aspiin alon. I you a taking a combination poduct, ad th inomation on th packag psciption labl ask you doctphamacist minomation.

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mild pain can be treated with aspirin in adults only , acetaminophen tylenol , or ibuprofen advil, motrin .