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If you use this medication long-termyour blood will need to be tested oftenVisit your doctor regularly.

It is not known whether this drug passes into breast milk when applied to the skinSimilar medications pass into breast milk when taken by mouthConsult your doctor before breast-feeding.

If you have an allergy to clobetasol or any other part of Temovateclobetasol creamgeland ointmentIf you are allergic to any drugs like this oneany other drugsfoodsor other substancesTell your doctor about the allergy and what signs you hadlike rashhivesitchingshortness of breathwheezingcoughswelling of facelipstongueor throator any other signsIf you have thinning of buy neurontin, buy dapoxetine. the skin where you are putting Temovateclobetasol creamgeland ointmentIf there is an infection where Temovateclobetasol creamgeland ointmentwill be used.

If your symptoms or health problems do not get better or if they become worsecall your doctorDo not share your drugs with others and do not take anyone else’s drugsKeep a list of all your drugsprescriptionnatural productsvitaminsOTCwith youGive this list to your doctorTalk with the doctor before starting any new drugincluding prescription or OTCnatural productsor vitaminsSome drugs may have another patient information leafletCheck with your pharmacistIf you have any questions about Temovateclobetasol solutionplease talk with your doctornursepharmacistor other health care providerIf you think there has been an overdosecall your poison control center or get medical care right awayBe ready to tell or show what was takenhow muchand when it happened.

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