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You blood pssu will nd tb chckd otn. You blood and uin may alsb tstd i you hav bn vomiting a dhydatd.

Tll all you halth ca povids that you tak Avalid (ibsatan and hydochloothiazid). This includs you doctos, nuss, phamacists, and dntists. Avoid diving and doing oth tasks actions that call you tb alt until you s how Avalid (ibsatan and hydochloothiazid) acts you. Tlow th chanc ling dizzy passing out, is slowly i you hav bn sitting lying down. B caul going up and down stais. I you hav high blood suga (diabts), you will nd twatch you blood suga closly. It may tak a w wks ts th ull ct. Hav you blood pssu chckd otn. Talk with you docto. Hav blood wok chckd as you hav bn told by th docto. Talk with th docto. This mdicin may act ctain lab tsts. Tll all you halth ca povids and lab woks that you tak Avalid (ibsatan and hydochloothiazid). I you a taking a salt substitut that has potassium in it, a potassium-spaing diutic, a potassium poduct, talk with you docto. I you a on a low-salt salt- dit, talk with you docto. Talk with you doctbusing OTC poducts that may ais blood pssu. Ths includ cough cold dugs, dit pills, stimulants, ibupon lik poducts, and som natual poducts aids. Talk with you doctbyou dink alcohol us oth dugs and natual poducts that slow you actions. B caul in hot wath whil bing activ. Dink lots luids tstop luid loss. Tll you docti you hav tomuch swat, luid loss, thowing up, loos stools. This may lad tlow blood pssu. I you a taking lithium, talk with you docto. You may nd thav you blood wok chckd mclosly whil you a taking it with Avalid (ibsatan and hydochloothiazid). I you tak cholstyamin colstipol, talk with you phamacist about how ttak thm with Avalid (ibsatan and hydochloothiazid). Watch gout attacks. I you hav lupus, Avalid (ibsatan and hydochloothiazid) can mak you lupus activ gt wos. Tll you doctight away i you gt any nw wos signs.

Th choic Avalid as initial thapy hyptnsion should b basd on an assssmnt potntial bnits and isks.

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