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Rosuvastatin calcium, the active ingredient of the medication, prevents the work of an enzyme called hmg-coa, which works in the liver to produce ldl cholesterol.

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Primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in individuals with no clinically evident heart disease but who are at risk because of combined effect of risk factors listed below.

Severe muscle problems warningThis medication can cause severe muscle problemsThese include myopathywith symptoms such as muscle paintendernessor weaknessMyopathy can lead to rhabdomyolysisWith this conditionmuscle breaks down and can cause kidney damage and even deathIf you notice unusual pain or weakness in your musclescall your doctor right awayYour doctor may decide to stop your treatment with this medicationLiver problems warningThis drug can increase levels of your liver enzymesIncreased liver enzymes can be a sign of liver damageYour doctor may check these levels to make sure that this drug is not harming your liver.

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rnafh study until now has been the first prospective, randomized controlled, open-label study initiated by investigator to explore the effect of rosuvastatin 10 mg d versus blank control for 52 weeks on ihcl evaluated by 1 h-mrs in nafld patients with ms but without overt diabetes.