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Lie on your left side with your right knee up toward your chestGently insert the suppository into your rectum about 1 inchpointed tip first.

Dulcolax Tablets are used to relieve the symptoms of constipationEach tablet contains 5 mg of Bisacodyl which helps to gently stimulate the bowel musclesThis creates predictableovernight relief from constipation to help return the body to its natural rhythm.

Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimiaas a cause of excessive use of laxatives Patients whose constipation is caused by primary organic disease of the colon or most popular indian pharmacies. pelvic floor Patients with metabolic disordersneurological disorderssevere or psychiatric disordersor any other significant disease or intercurrent illnesse.gabdominal/gastrointestinal surgerythatin the Investigators opinionwould interfere with participation in the trial Patients with restricted mobilitye.gwheelchair boundor bed-riddenthatin the Investigators opinionwould interfere with participation in the trial Patients with a known hypersensitivity to bisacodyl or any other ingredient in the study medication Patients with ileusintestinal obstructionacute surgical abdominal conditionssuch as acute appendicitis and acute inflammatory bowel diseasesor severe dehydration Patients with anal fissures or ulcerative proctitis with mucosal damage Patients with known clinically significant abnormal electrolyte values Patients whose concomitant therapy includes an opioid medicatione.gmorphinecodeineConstipation whichin the Investigators opinionis caused by medicatione.ganticholinergicsPatients who are not willing to discontinue the use of prohibited concomitant therapy.

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