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One interim analysis of a 10 year observational study indicated there may be as much as a 40 increase in bladder cancer when taking actos for more than one year.

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Patints with typ 2 diabts may hav atty liv disas cadiac disas with pisodic congstiv hat ailu, both which may caus liv tst abnomalitis, and thy may alshav oth oms liv disas, many which can b tatd managd. Tho, obtaining a liv tst panl (sum alanin aminotansas [ALT], aspatat aminotansas [AST], alkalin phosphatas, and total biliubin) and assssing th patint is commndd binitiating ACTOS thapy. In patints with abnomal liv tsts, ACTOS should b initiatd with caution.

In postmakting xpinc, th hav bn pots unusually apid incass in wight and incass in xcss that gnally obsvd in clinical tials. Patints whxpinc such incass should b assssd luid accumulation and volum-latd vnts such as xcssiv dma and congstiv hat ailu [s BOX WANING and WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS ].

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